Focus T25 Workouts

It’s not INSANITY – it’s Focus T25. Be prepared to give 25 minutes of solid focus to your workouts, and you’ll find yourself stronger, leaner, and healthier at the end of each 25 day round.

The progression of exercises in Focus T25 builds a strong foundation for fitness, and with cast member (and new mom!) Tania demonstrating modified moves, even beginners can thrive on this program. Here’s what to expect from Focus T25:

Alpha Round

The first 25 days of Focus T25, called Alpha Round, are like Gym Class 101. You’ll work out for just 25 minutes a day, five days a week. Alpha Cardio is strictly standing – no burpees, planks, or floor exercises here! You’ll focus on form and range of motion to help you get results. Total Body Circuit is Shaun T’s favorite workout of the program. As soon as you get tired of using one muscle, he changes it up to use a different muscle group. Ab Intervals includes abdominal work on the floor and some slow, controlled cardio moves that target your core. As it sounds, Lower Body Focus targets the lower-body muscles to get your metabolism going. And Speed 1.0 is the foundation of the speed workouts, packing in fast-paced fat-burning for fast results.

Beta Round

In the next 25 weekdays, you’ll take what you learned in Alpha Round and implement it in all-new workouts that are designed to develop a strong core. In Speed 2.0, the movements change more quickly, forcing you to focus to stay in the game. Dynamic Core includes seven standing ab exercises, seven seated ab moves, and then a mixture of both. You’ll learn to use your lower abs instead of your hip flexors in order to really tone your midsection. Other workouts in this round include Upper Body Focus, Core Cardio, and Rip Circuit.

Gamma Round

Gamma Round, sold separately or as part of the T25 Gamma Package, is for those who want to take their results to the next level. This four week upgrade option introduces weights (no weights are required for Alpha or Beta). The Gamma Package includes the Gamma workouts Rip’t Up, Extreme Circuit, and The Pyramid to drastically increase strength and endurance, as well as the Beachbody miniMAT to provide comfortable cushioning during your T25 workouts.

T25 Challenge Pack

To get the most out of Focus T25, you’ll want to take advantage of the Challenge Pack offer. In addition to the Alpha and Beta rounds, two additional workouts, and a 15 pound resistance band that are also included with the T25 DVD Package, the Challenge Pack includes a one month supply of Shakeology, a free 30 day trial membership in the Team Beachbody Club, AND free shipping. More importantly, purchasing the T25 Challenge Pack will give you everything you need to join Dig Fit Focused, an exclusive online support group for those who are ready to get it done with Focus T25. (For more details on Challenge Packs, check out What is a Challenge Pack, what’s included, and why should I buy one?). With the special introductory price on the T25 Challenge Pack, available only until July 31, 2013, you’ll save over $90 compared to buying these items separately. It’s a phenomenal deal on products that are proven to help people like you get real, lasting results! And who knows? Maybe your success story will be featured in a future T25 advertisement or infomercial!

If you’re ready to get focused and get fit in just 25 minutes a day, click below to order your T25 Challenge Pack today! Let’s get it done!

Focus T25 Challenge Pack